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Roberta Amaral Andrade

Intercultural, Executive & Life Coach (ICF; ACSTH) - Erickson College


My proposal as an Intercultural, Executive and Life Coach is to make the difference on people’s life through an inspiring partnership and methodology, using my personal and professional experience in different areas and with different cultures.

Career in large multinational companies and international experience in Europe.
International experience with ability to deal with issues that require adaptability and that involve diverse cultures in transformation and organizational projects.
Strategic and cross-sectional vision of various areas of the corporation, creating new business models and improving profitability.
Active role in mergers, integrations and restructurings.
Leadership in innovation processes and business development by taking up different roles/jobs within the company, in Brazil and abroad.
Experience with Corporate Governance: Definition and implementation ensuring the effectiveness of the affiliate governance


Roberta Amaral Andrade
Cel.:55 11 944624474
São Paulo, SP